Everything you do is history

Remember those great stories that get told on holidays, They are worth saving on video.

How about all those  photographs of your family, friends and places  you’ve been. Great Recollections can save them on DVD. We can also record what you have to say about them.

This makes a priceless keepsake  for your kids or even you grandchildren.

Contact Great Recollections and learn about how we can come to  you and record your memories.

Some events,  such as trips make wonderful memories that you would like  to share. Two of our clients, Shelly and Dave took a hike into the Havasupai Canyon of northern Arizona. Havasupai is not easy to get to.  It requires a long trip down a rough dirt road plus a an 11 mile hike to the  blue-green waters of the Havasupai creek and the spectacular waterfalls of the canyon.

This not only presented a once in a lifetime  opportunity for memorable photographs.  Their adventures in the canyon were also the source of some wonderful stories. Our travelers wanted to save these memories and pictures for their own family. Because memories can be forgotten and pictures lost, they wanted to organize them into an easy to find, permanent record.

They contacted Great Recollections and explained what they wanted.  After talking with them , they were able to tell their stories to our video camera plus  copy their pictures in a television format.

The result was a  professional video presentation that would become a prized heirloom.



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